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Ojay O
Can u count card with the ne shuffling method with machine that they have
Comment from : Ojay O

Jeffrey McDowell
I checked your web site, It seems to be set up primarily for Mac computers. I use an Acer computer and windows 10. Do you have a course compatible with windows?
Comment from : Jeffrey McDowell

Kaboom PL
is there a strategy chart without doubling or splitting? i just base my game on hit or stand.
Comment from : Kaboom PL

Ant Ant
I dnt knw hw to gamble but i liked it...explorwd few chanels bout gambling...this is my fav chanel bout gambling❤
Jus watched two videos ..i subscribed! ❤

Comment from : Ant Ant

ashton ram
this guy didnt even explain "what" basic strategy is in this video...He just kept talking about it and not explaining what it is..
Comment from : ashton ram

"...cutting back your losses is just another way to win" --C. Lund
Comment from : alwayscrazy1

Hyman Freedman
i like the way you communicate ,,,, lovely and thank you kindly
Comment from : Hyman Freedman

boomer sanchez
ive seen the chart and memorized some of it, my only question is, why would i stand on a 12??
Comment from : boomer sanchez

Your strategy card www.blackjackapprenticeship.com/blackjack-strategy-charts/ does not include Surrender in the key but the article talks about surrendering.
Comment from : Epicword

Sven Wildhaber
whats a surrender?
Comment from : Sven Wildhaber

abdi libaax
I hate getting 13-15
Comment from : abdi libaax

If I have a 16 (non 8's) and the dealer is showing an ace up card you can damn well be sure that I'm surrendering.
Comment from : nintendonerdsvideos

Nathaniel Allen
Aye backjack apprenticeship werr da link foe da chart at?
Comment from : Nathaniel Allen

John Barrios
None of the links are working
Comment from : John Barrios

Daniel Ribeiro
Cheers for the Video! Excuse me for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered - Konenjamin Penrooklyn Solution (probably on Google)? It is a good one of a kind product for finding your lucky day to cleverly win the lottery minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin at last got excellent success with it.
Comment from : Daniel Ribeiro

Hemanth kumar reddy Kamasani
All the dislikers r probably dealers of casinos nd owners
Comment from : Hemanth kumar reddy Kamasani

Charleen N. Smith
I signed up for the course online and I never got the email not even in spam!
Comment from : Charleen N. Smith

alex holland
Great strategy
Comment from : alex holland

sai nath
Hey Collin, does the basic strategy and card counting work for Freebet Blackjack as well? Just trying to understand if any other strategy has to be applied for Freebet BJ. Thanks!
Comment from : sai nath

Brady Oldham
Your chart says Ds on A8....? WTF?
Comment from : Brady Oldham

Saale Gokart
The Blackjack Apprenticeship basic strategy says 11 against A Double down is that for Hit 17 or Stand 17 game or for both? Don´t saw many players doubling down against A in a Stand 17 Game.
Comment from : Saale Gokart

J Bullfrog
Bring back David! We miss him
Comment from : J Bullfrog

Jon Dautovic
Where to learnbasic strategy ?
Comment from : Jon Dautovic

Comment from : Jeebuz

2:11 is he stating that one should “hit” on a 16 vs the tables Ace ?? but why not stand and play the odds. sure it’s possibly another face card but why bust on trying to raise ur chances ? what logic is that.
Comment from : jéanpaul

جبران الاسد
most casino's shuffle after every hand in europe how in the world will you count anything!
Comment from : جبران الاسد

i cant find on your website for how many card decks the chart is
Comment from : Yourigames

master theft
I tried to play the drills but it only shows half the screen and only seen like 13% of the 2 buttons out of 4 for hold and etc
Comment from : master theft

Hey guys, I'm new and I would like to know why there is no numbers under 8 in the hard totals chart. I did a little blackjack game with 1 deck (I know that a normal game is played with 6 decks) and my first 2 cards were a 3 and a 4 wich is a hard total from 7. Can someone explain me if in a 6 decks blackjack game if it is possible to have a hard total from 7 or less with our 2 first cards and if yes what should I do ?
Comment from : Clément

Hong Liao
Why don’t casinos just have a table specifically for cad counters so instead of getting told to leave they just ask you to move to the card counter table and they get your name or whatever so you are only allowed on that table and if you go to other tables you get strikes and obviously 3 strikes and your out
Comment from : Hong Liao

Adam Buddemeyer
Hey Colin I’ve got a question for you. I’ve watched a lot of your videos and you do a great job explaining the mathematics behind the game. I know about 96% of the chart automatically for basic strategy. There are definitely tools on your website to help memorize the chart. My question is why not just bring a basic strategy card to the table? Every casino I’ve been to allows them and if I see a hand I’m unsure of I get it right 100% of the time. Where as without it I try to remember all the lines and remember the deviations on top of that. Wouldn’t bringing a card also make it look like you don’t really know what you are doing and make them less tipped off?
Comment from : Adam Buddemeyer

Omar Lino
Listen u talk to much ur videos should be of examples
Comment from : Omar Lino

Alex Luna
GTA?? anyone
Comment from : Alex Luna

Cereal Star
What about side bets like push bids and match the dealer. Should i play those or are they sucker bets?
Comment from : Cereal Star

Michael Harris
great videos. i wanted to print off the basic strategy as i am an online punter but can`t find the link. any help appreciated thanks
Comment from : Michael Harris

Hey Colin, I have a question...
If you're just going to the casino to have fun, win some money and play perfect basic strategy should you play one hand or two hands to win more money?

Comment from : jdukes0004

David Riddle
Something I’m presently doing is, I created an excel sheet with the main 3 basic strategy tables. It’s a fill in the blanks kind of thing. I’ve been able to fit 4 tables on one sheet. So in addition to seeing it, I’m filling it in. If I find a spot I can’t remember, I study the crap out of that spot. Also when you write it down, your chances of retaining the info is so much better. Definitely helping out.
Comment from : David Riddle

David Riddle
To Austin Powers. If we do the math on this, with a soft 19. If I double and pull a ten, I have a solid 20, A=21, 2=21. So your chances of a great hand are present. It not always about winning the money, but also protecting your money. If we double on a hard 9 with a 6 showing, we are hoping for soothing high. Chances are the dealer is holding a 10, so they have to hit since they stay at 17. But if the down card is a 2,3,4,5,A they are going to continue to draw and chances of you winning are less. So don’t put double your money out when your chances are lower. Win big and protect what you have. Hope this helps.
Comment from : David Riddle

Dan the man
Most basic strategy charts and videos only cover how to play the first 2 cards, what about the 3rd or 4th card?
Comment from : Dan the man

Leonardo Paz
Hi I'm wondering about a thing in the basic strategy. If I have a hard 12 and the dealer have 10 and I take a card and get 3 so I have 15 do I continue to take another card?

And the same goes for A3 and the dealer have a 10 and I hit and get a 4 do I count my A,3,4 as a A7 then?

Comment from : Leonardo Paz

austin powers
So I'm new to blackjack and upon reviewing the basic strategy chart I'm wondering why u only double on a soft 19 when the dealer shows a 6 considering a hard 9 doubles on 3-6.
Comment from : austin powers

Rafael Kodzhomanyan
where is the link with the template ? :)
Comment from : Rafael Kodzhomanyan

Eric Smyth
What's the most positive running count you've ever seen? Surprised no one has asked this before
Comment from : Eric Smyth

Comment from : IQUIQI IQUIQi

brian falk
how do you sine up and also can you cont cards in virtual black or spanish 21 or black jack attack ive been playing blackjack for over 20years i need help in counting cards
Comment from : brian falk

George Pace
won £150 off £5 Cheers
Comment from : George Pace

Tej T
Correct me if im wrong. I, think it would depent on the count wether you are going to hit, double or split.

Thanks for answering. 🙂🙂🙂

Comment from : Tej T

This might be a stupid question...BUT...I’m new to this. Why does the basic strategy chart not give you a play when dealer has J-Q-K up card? What are my options?
Comment from : liftinfreak43

Good evening, Colin,

Does an unaltered Basic Strategy + I-18 work for Spanish 21? Are there deviations for this version of Blackjack that can be learned? May I ask, I know it's a freebie, but nothing ventured, nothing gained: "Can you tell us which table versions of 21 you've found AP+PerfStrat+I18 has the best edge?" Or perhaps an easier and less cost-divisive way to phrase this, "Can you tell us which 21 variation table games to avoid as the strategy falls apart, or provides little to no path to get as close to the 0.5% that we all crave?"

P.S. Your videos, personality, dedication, and general teaching of AP has hooked me and I dearly thank you for your work. Being not too close to a few casinos to employ AP, (hope to change that in the future) I shall keep you in mind when I'm ready to pull the trigger on training and boot camp!

Comment from : lionroo

ShreD 1993
There are multiple basic strategy charts for different decks. Why is there only one on the app???? I play a double deck game H17 and it says I’m making the wrong play with my A3 vs 4( I double) but the app says to just hit . I bought a basic strategy card for double deck H17 and it says to double . Is this a mistake?
Comment from : ShreD 1993

Just subscribed to your page but can't see the link for the basic strategy guide
Comment from : VinnDiggs

Louisa Armstrong
Can this be used for online casino's aswell?
Comment from : Louisa Armstrong

Adrian J
A question on basic strategy. The question of surrender. I’m an Australian and I play in Australian casinos of which are few and far between . Australians do not surrender. It’s a cultural thing. If I surrender a hand that alerts the dealer and pit boss that I’m more than just a mug punter. What I’ve been doing is to stand. Is standing having a positive or negative affect on the long term %.
Comment from : Adrian J

I can't access your site.
Comment from : Thudothwacker

Johnathan Grey
Hey is your basic strategy the same as Mike Apontes?
Comment from : Johnathan Grey

Which part of memorizing every possible hand and what to do with them is "basic"?
Comment from : Caner ERBAY

boon yew Lee
I don't understand

Hard 12 against dealer J

Player 3rd card follow basic stratedy is to hit

After hit
player card become J22
Now fourth card should I follow basic stratedy again ????

Comment from : boon yew Lee

No Body
Why do you only have the one chart? Doesn’t the strategy change based on the number of decks and rules?
Comment from : No Body

is there different basic strategy for a one deck table and a six deck table?
Comment from : UkuleleAngela

alen aksalic
The 16 hitting that he says is wrong. You always stand at 12 cousse the bank has to lose, NOT you winning!


Comment from : alen aksalic

Jeff Kabatznick
How do I sign up for your boot camp?
Comment from : Jeff Kabatznick

TimberWolvesX X
sorry if you have already covered this in another video, but how many decks in the shoe are required to make card counting worthwhile?
Comment from : TimberWolvesX X

Sadly, card counting didn't work for me this weekend. At first I did pretty good. My last night at the casino, I got my ass handed to me. The running count was between +20-25 for 5 hands and I lost 5 hands in a row. Pretty much took my whole stack. Lost $700. Very frustrating but I guess it is never a sure thing. * sigh *
Comment from : guibox3

Count DaMoney
I ask this genuinely, have you ever tried the never bust strategy with card counting?
And perhaps contrary to your technique, I won't hesitate in leaving a table if there is a dealer winning tendency.

Comment from : Count DaMoney

Eli Garlong
Is a lack of strategy for when to surrender after a double down indicative to never surrender and just stay no matter what your 3rd card gives you?
Comment from : Eli Garlong

Eli Garlong
Hey BJA! Huge question about “BUST BONUS” side bet I could get answered in your forum if I had money for entry: I saw it for the first time and immediately went to wizardofodds. It ends the math by saying “ it isn't difficult to see this side bet would be very vulnerable to card counters.” So can you please do a basic strategy for it or at least comment on when it is to our advantage other than “thou shalt not place side bets”? I kept betting $1 on 4-6 at a true +2 count and came up ahead but idk the math.
Comment from : Eli Garlong

Comment from : looklook

Sir Joelsuf
I have to hold back all kinds of laughter when I see these fools not using basic strategy lol. And I'm not talking people who deviate from basic strategy when the count is good (cuz they can't count cards), I'm talking about idiots who stay 13 and 14 when the dealer has like 8 or 9. Its like really? Go play a slot machine or something lol.

The WORST I've seen was seeing someone insure a hard 13 against an Ace, splitting 10s every chance they got lol, and - get this - doubling on a hard 12. When the dealer has a SIX showing. Like WHY? If you're gonna be that bad at blackjack, go play a high limit slot machine. At least you'll have a chance at it spitting a couple grand at you.

Learn your basic strategy. Hell you can even ask the DEALER what basic strategy says to do. Just go "what does the book say" before playing your hand. No excuses, kids.

Comment from : Sir Joelsuf

Another good example for losing less $ is to always splits 8s against 9 through ACE. Yes, it's still not a winning hand but 16 is the worst hand in blackjack. In the long run you still lose $ but you lose less compare to hitting or standing on 8s.
Comment from : DragonPupEclipse

I’ve gotten basic strategy and counting down but have trouble with betting strategy. Any tips on creating a bet spread with $5,000 bank roll and $15 minimum bets? 8D S17 DAS LS
Comment from : MissNikiG

Tarik Tokalija
The only thing I didn't figure out in card counting system is what determines how BIG is long run? Simply put, how much does it take to show results? If you play, let's say, daily for 3-4 hours, is LONG RUN something like weeks, months, or years? or in betting terms: 30th, 50th, 250th shoe dealt? (considering you followed every rule perfectly)
Comment from : Tarik Tokalija

bryan doo
you have many basic strategy do video on this
Comment from : bryan doo

Former card counter, being a day trader is much more fun, similar bankroll as BJ, pretty much same EV
Comment from : luogl

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