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Blackjack Apprenticeship
Interested in card counting? Start here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4HeBZsaiIf6mJXu-2NPuC5e6VbO-veLb
Comment from : Blackjack Apprenticeship

Michael Palumbo
BTW, the house really has a 36% advantage. Biggest secret in the game.
Comment from : Michael Palumbo

Michael Palumbo
How to play blackjack and win: Don't.
Comment from : Michael Palumbo

Thanks for helping me! I play for chips not money. I would never gamble lol. Not me but this taught me alot now I can win blackjack at the diamond casino in GTAV
Comment from : Jackson

Favourite Casino Deals
do you ever play side bets?
Comment from : Favourite Casino Deals

Monica Zielinski
I can't focus, the guy is too cute ahhaah!
Comment from : Monica Zielinski

Quintin Reid
Do I have to declare if an ace is 1 or 11 before hitting again? Or can I decide at the end
Comment from : Quintin Reid

Sam Abbas
basic strategy tells me to spend all my money
Comment from : Sam Abbas

m2h m2h.orginal
betforward.blog سایت معتبر ورزشی پیش بینی
Comment from : m2h m2h.orginal

Riley Ure
"How would you describe your sex life?"
"Loudon Ofton" 😏

Comment from : Riley Ure

Why are there holes in the cards?
Comment from : Xerzaii

Don Pipot
100 percent not working
Comment from : Don Pipot

Why does the dealer have to hit until 17?
Comment from : Weircach

Ezekiel Lister
I think assuming the dealer always has a 10 under the card is very dangerous. Also hitting a 16 is very bad also. With a 16 even in a 10 or a 9 is a def bust. The chance you will get a card 5 or less that you need is just luck not strategy.
Comment from : Ezekiel Lister

Sam Herbert
Is it legal.....sure. Will you get your legs broken by some "security guards"......probably.
Comment from : Sam Herbert

michael flegel
There is more to the game than what they can tell you here. Much more. From watching Pit Bosses get sick of you 2 dealers that try to deal so fast that cards are flying off the table. Control the game if you can. Get out of there when you cannot
Comment from : michael flegel

michael flegel
Even if the cards that is the count is jokingly in your favor. Let's say the count is a + 15 with two decks remaining. You're playing by yourself with three hands. Time to ante up big time. However, if cards do not work in your favor and I mean right away you still you have to excuse yourself or vacate the casino completely or you going to get creamed
Comment from : michael flegel

Johnny Utah
So basically this video gave no strategy. So people who watch it will still hit to try and get closest to 21 no matter what the dealer has
Comment from : Johnny Utah

PvP Rat
I dont understand that "double down" thing...
Comment from : PvP Rat

Are dealers themselves ever card counters?
Comment from : getmedieval

Dan Volkman
His pay and take sequence is wrong. He crosses his body when dealing. This guy may be a good player but he sucks as a dealer...
Comment from : Dan Volkman

bmac mccarthy
I’m confused. In the beginning 2:36 to be exact, why does the dealer have to stay at 17 despite being down by one?
Comment from : bmac mccarthy

Marcus Bakken
I've been waiting for this video for a while, great!! Very clear explanation! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Comment from : Marcus Bakken

Mr. Argument
Well getting ready at 15 to lose all my money at 21
Comment from : Mr. Argument

John Davis
How do I download the Basic Strategy Card?
Comment from : John Davis

Who came here for the casino in GTA 5?
Comment from : ZivoFN

Stefan Andrei
I just became a billionaire. Thank you sir
Comment from : Stefan Andrei

Great Guide!
And over nine years later I still don't understand how to play "Caravan" in Fallout: New Vegas.

Comment from : Kc_Lion2

Jeff Martin
The best way to beat casinos is to stay out of them. Card counting is not illegal but they will boot you if they even think you are and they can tell by your betting strategy.
Comment from : Jeff Martin

Lazaros Omirou
Basic strategy also appliea for European Blackjack? Are there any different approaches?
Comment from : Lazaros Omirou

Studybug Studbug
👍🏿🤘🏿 @therubix2
Comment from : Studybug Studbug

Jun Anthony Bello
question: if i do the "surrender" and still win against the dealer will get only 50% of bets winning?
Comment from : Jun Anthony Bello

Anyone else here from supermega
Comment from : tttango

VenusOn Fire
I love black jack, it's the only game I play in the casinos.
Comment from : VenusOn Fire

Why do u only get one card when splitting 2 aces???
Comment from : filoIII

lilush lilush
Comment from : lilush lilush

Terry Abassi
Don't gamble, it completely ruins lifes
Comment from : Terry Abassi

Hank Stip
Just put Luck at 10 lmao
Comment from : Hank Stip

But no one can beat me in Yugi-Oh! tho 🤷‍♂️ facts
Comment from : curlydude2012

am i allowed to bring this cheat sheet into the casino with me and use it at the table lol? total newb here
Comment from : irainkoolaid2

Phin g G
This works for gta aswell?😂
Comment from : Phin g G

Jay Vee
Man I wanna be 18 to go play black jack with my first pay check
Comment from : Jay Vee

Saw the movie 21 and wanted to play blackjack
Comment from : Spectrum

Brian Herman
can blackjack really be beat?
Comment from : Brian Herman

What slot machines do you know of that are 2%?? I've heard they are more like 16%
Comment from : NoNonsenseKnowHow

al west
Is it just me or does 21 blackjack seem like the perfect introduction to proper card games
Comment from : al west

I cant believe how many people are here because of GTA 5. How do you not know anything about a very common, famous card game? Did you never play San Andrea's either? (Blackjack was featured on it as well)
Comment from : Bird

Jesteban 1911
Comment from : Jesteban 1911

bobie poopoohead
Anyone else here for supermega
Comment from : bobie poopoohead

Who came here after Dana White won couple millions at blackjack?
Comment from : PFC

TJ Blyde
Does this strategy still work with playing online blackjack?
Comment from : TJ Blyde

kutay catli
whos here cuz they want to make some money att school
Comment from : kutay catli

Ardien Enigmos
Very simple, thank you very much to learn
Comment from : Ardien Enigmos

Ak T
You guys are a bunch of degenerates
Comment from : Ak T

Jester Flight
I’m learning how to play Blackjack, however I’ve made about $896,400 for 36 years working in sanitation for an average of $24900, per year working for a Metroplex in Texas. But I make about 80% more working at sanitation, cleaning, arranging the tables & chairs, entire commercial kitchens, and cleaning everything up perfectly & putting all tables & chairs back in storage, to include throwing every single trash can , cleaning with proper cleaning chemicals, plus placing correct size trash bags, and leaving exact inventory of every single trash bag, soap, to include but not limited to exact amounts of cleaning supplies utilized. All the while making sure myself & my helpers make sure we always stay in range of cctv & show up by 7am at the same country club to mow & manicure entire yard & garden while finding & throwing every single beer can, wine glass, Martini glass & washing & storing real glasses that didn’t break. But I retire next year when my third child finishes her PhD, yet my wife who has worked 31 years serving & cleaning at the same high school, we both attended, save enough to visit Vegas for 5 days a year. But we have been learning Blackjack & Texas Hold, because we learned that we are allowed many more comps, than playing slots, and after sending 3 kids to graduate & law school, we usually have enough to save 1/2 of our residual money from working at the best Country Clubs since I was 12 & my wife was 15. But we make more money working at our cleaning jobs after work, because we have never stole anything, not even left over food, after 43 years of cleaning, mowing, setting up chairs & tables, so we both get large tips before Christmas, because they’ve never caught us stealing anything, plus both our mothers & my father retired from the country club after 41 years. But they actually give us free airfare, hotel, buffets because many members go together & so they always have extra comps for visiting, but we always run out of cash on the slots after the second or third day, this is why we learned from Blackjack dealers, that were better off betting at the tables & we get much more comps at the table games. We used to take $300 for each day for 5 days, but now we take $500 per day because we get everything comped, and we cannot rent a car anyway, but we get a free ticket for all the while we are at Vegas. This year 2019 we actually brought money back because we played the tables, stayed away from the slots. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information Sirs, but how do you count the cards, Sir?
Comment from : Jester Flight

mehmet kurdela
Well done Colin. You shut know me from Nijmegen Netherlands
Comment from : mehmet kurdela

Isaac Bernath
Who else is watching from a comped room?
Comment from : Isaac Bernath

David Duckworth
Great commercial - waste of time.
Comment from : David Duckworth

Anna Zampi
Total B.S. ,if you get in a idiot table your all done,
Comment from : Anna Zampi

Eric Tran
The best strategy is let the dealer bust first...make sure you don't go bust. that means if you got a 12,13,14,15,16 you stay.
Comment from : Eric Tran

Equinsu Ocha!
I've been in the casino business for 8 years
The point is not to win
Have fun

Comment from : Equinsu Ocha!

Thomas Fletcher
don't play , you will never lose .

Comment from : Thomas Fletcher

Philo Jones
You may well be able to learn a "system" at winning blackjack, and even be successful--for a while. But casinos are very much in tune with identifying blackjack pros and card counters. Once detected, they will politely, but very firmly, escort you to the front door with an admonition to never again visit their establishment. So much for your "expert's" advice.
Comment from : Philo Jones

Please stop talking comments about stupid GTA V! Fans are an idiots

People need learning how to play blackjack before going to Las Vegas

Comment from : Laufield

Mor Pheus
the only winner is goprobaccarat dot com
Comment from : Mor Pheus

Kaleb Pelkey
counting cards is like stealing bases nobody cares except the people who draw the short end of the stick
Comment from : Kaleb Pelkey

Peter Peter
How to play and win at Blackjack.
1)Realise that if u are any good, casinos will ban you. As they say they are allowed to in the rules.
2)Wear a disguise in shady casinos to evade the bad. Get battered with a baseball bat.
3)Realise Blackmeans losing money as u are only welcome if u lose. Treat it as a little bit of fun once in a while.

Comment from : Peter Peter

when you 1v1 the casino in black jack, the banker bust depending on luck. maybe you have 11 and banker has a 2. You would logically double down but get a 2. banker gets 9 then a 10 and gets 21 and wins. If you didn't double down maybe you could have got 20 and banker get 18 after that.
Comment from : gnsgml11

jim k
Vary your bets as well. Bet from 10 dollars to a thousand. Don't be afraid to double down either. Make sure to win on the double down with 2k on the table. That's most important.
Comment from : jim k

John Derfler
The strategy of black jack is to have the dealer bust, this guys strategy is crap.
Comment from : John Derfler

Just rob the casino
Comment from : jbgaters

Andrew Galliano
@6:10. Basic strategy isn't the perfect play for every hand of blackjack. It's called basic strategy because it's exactly that, a BASIC strategy. There's also advanced strategies using true counts and long counts. You wouldn't bother to learn card counting if you can sit with a laminated basic strategy card. The very best book on this is the Mensa Guide to Gaming. It's out of print but can be found on eBay or Amazon. They have no reason to BS or sell anything. It's all about the math.
Comment from : Andrew Galliano

isnt this just luck?
Comment from : angrypixel

golden spades
on the behalf of gta players THANK YOU
Comment from : golden spades

You can play perfect Blackjack strategy, but if the person to the right of the dealer has no clue what he/she is doing, they can fuck up and make the whole table lose! ALWAYS sit to the right of the dealer if you know what you're doing and wanna win!
Comment from : DaddyFatStax

MF Dude716
A good way to learn blackjack is playing RE7's blackjack DLC
Comment from : MF Dude716

Sherman Chandler
If you’ve made millions why are you charging for this service you frauds
Comment from : Sherman Chandler

8:35 The move shown goes against basic strategy
Comment from : KYZ

Hill Amplification
Yes, card counting is not illegal "But" you can be banned if suspected of it. And that there is the hard part of being a pro blackjack player. Over time it becomes harder and harder to find a table.
Comment from : Hill Amplification

Filip Nordin
Where’s your overshirt from?
Comment from : Filip Nordin

you'll never consistently win against the house. If that were the case casinos would go out of business. There's a reason you go first before the dealer its called the house advantage. Unless you can learn to count cards in your sleep then the chances are you'll need a big ass bank roll to cover your losses and come out ahead.
Comment from : MrMisterMan

Arman Galajyan
If these guys could reliably beat blackjack they wouldn't be making videos on youtube. Whenever someone tells you they are going to teach you something always ask yourself "would they make more money doing the thing instead of teaching me?" If the answer is yes then its almost always a scam. This goes for blackjack, flipping houses, making money on the internet etc etc.
Comment from : Arman Galajyan

Betty Grable
just say on 12-16 do not say hit me.. stay and make them go bust!! this works well when 4-5 players are playing
Comment from : Betty Grable

Can you split and double down?
Comment from : TheTraveler

if itwas that easy no casino would have black jack tables. this is a basic count methode that will make you lose your money. if you want to win at blackjack you need to learn about math ( not simple math) a good math lesson is. you are at a game show you have 3 doors you can choose, you can win a goat in 2 of the door but the last door gives you a brand new car, the host ask you what door do you want to choose, you choose door number one, the host now opens door number 3 and there is a goat now the host ask will you still stick with door number 1 ? 99% would say yes because they think there is 50/50 chance now, BUT NO. the chance that you win a car is not 50/50. why ? because of math. its nothing i can explain but i know the math, you will have better chance of winning the big price "New car" if you choose door number 2.. in another simple way. you can say we make 100 coin flips. the simple math would say there is 50 heads and 50 tails. but would it be that NO sometimes there will come 10 heads in a row and other times it will change between heads and tails.. this is a stupid way to play blackjack with.. if you want to win over the casino you need to learn not simple math but have to be really good at math and learn how to calculate the chance of winning and the chance of luck.. + in online casino there is 6 or 8 decks of cards, but its not every cards that gonna be dealt because there is the change shoe card. so this is just stupid way to try and sound like a pro. i bet the uploader lost more money than he earned.. and casino tables is laughing at him..
Comment from : UToons

This entire time i thought 21 was a game for years untill now. I see my aunts have been training 🙏🏻
Comment from : Zapple

john smith
Don't gamble. Don't let them fleece you of your money. Pay your mortgage down quicker instead.
Comment from : john smith

David is one hell of a color man for the narration. Quick question though, was he awake for all the scenes?
Comment from : dfhayak

I don't know why this is in my feed I never gamble, but now I will.... Edit..
Thanks for ruining my life, I've lost my job, my wife, my kids, but most of all I've lost my car...
I loved that prius....

Comment from : IMA-GOOD-GUY

Fact if you bust your hand the house takes your money. If the house busts their hand on same round you don't get your busted money back. So as long as you have your money in play still at the point the house draws their cards you have a chance of winning. Sure every black jack player thinks they are the expert and the house relies on these experts and their egos to draw cards. To win always have your money still in play when the dealer draws. Take NO cards at all ever. Force the house to always have to beat you. Just like any other time you play sure you'll win some and lose some. Just make sure the house has to beat you because your bet is still live. For European BJ where dealer only draws 1 card at start - We could go into the possibilities of a million different circumstances but let's take one. You have first 2 cards total 6 Dealer shows a 10. You want to draw so you could take on your next card anything value from A-K. From a 6 or lower you want the dear really to have it to force them to draw again and potentially bust. So really you only want to draw 7,8,9 or any 10. Adding any of those cards to you 6 will not improve your chances of beating the dealer anymore than your original 6 as you still need house to bust or draw another lower cards yourself and to not bust your hand. We are still in the same situation where lower card would benefit us more to let the house draw so why would we take it? If house second card was a 10,9,8 or 7 making 20,19,18 or 17 you would have lost regardless. So what card on your 6 was better for you than than the house? None.
Comment from : RyanTCB

spfttt Reale
Except, card counting is ILLEGAL in casinos. Counters are easy to spot. I used to be one. This is nonsense for rookies who don't know better.
Comment from : spfttt Reale

Card counting depends on how many decks of cards are shuffled and shuffled again at the dealer's discretion. So if suppose you see 10 cards on the table out of 5 decks of cards your chances of guessing the next hit would be less than half a percent and your chances will increase by counting more cards until the next shuffle.
Comment from : myartinjon

Cheeky Nham
The only way to guarantee a win every time is the ability to have X-ray vision and see all the cards before they are dealt.
Comment from : Cheeky Nham

I'll stick with UNO thank you.
Comment from : Morkala

Avoidance Technologies
"At the age of 30 or more someone else wanting to know - what I am doing with Cascade dishwashing powder and being a Virgin at the same time".
Comment from : Avoidance Technologies

Niggle Diggle
unless its not rng and you can card count you cant win overtime
Comment from : Niggle Diggle

At the end, you should've said that you teach how to count cards without getting caught. That's what you do, right? Because what's the point of a card counting system unless you can get away with it?
Comment from : supercyberfunk

I made this so I could comment
Why would you double down on A&7 ?? Because it’s an 18 or an 8 and if you double down all ur hoping for is an 10 and you are back where you started with 18¿ 8:10
Comment from : I made this so I could comment

Post This
This is BS. I was a blackjack dealer for a few years and have dealt millions of hands. I can tell you this is BS.
Comment from : Post This

This video was for pure beginners what an obvious click Bait
Comment from : Perry

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