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sajid hussain
Excellent Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you ever tried - Jonlijah Emotional Sourcery (just google it)? It is a good one of a kind guide for discovering a winning online roulette system minus the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my buddy finally got amazing success with it.
Comment from : sajid hussain

Varsha Kaul
is it just me or does this video speed up after 5 minutes? lol
Comment from : Varsha Kaul

Wait, you can use the chart at the table? I've spent the last few days memorizing it.
Comment from : casheesed

David Phillips
Dumb question as I am brand new to playing blackjack : Do u have to color when you leave a table ? Let’s say you’re going to move on immediately to play at another blackjack table — can you take all those smaller chips with you ? Or do you have to color to big value chips and then exchange them for smaller denomination chips at the next table ? I’m only asking this because a dealer recently pressured me to color when I didn’t want to, when I got up from a baccarat table.
Comment from : David Phillips

I can't wait to go to Mohegan Sun next month. I learned Blackjack in Red Dead 2 lol
Comment from : wiisalute

Paul Presto
Ta ta grabbing
Comment from : Paul Presto

Noelle Cannon
Narrator:the player can also "bust"
*insert random titties
When I hear bust I think nut

Comment from : Noelle Cannon

Martin The Panda
She looks naughty.
Comment from : Martin The Panda

The E. & Jay Podcast
I did not see that bust joke cumming.
Comment from : The E. & Jay Podcast

Jenn Lawson
I liked the dealer/host. Also liked the humor.
Comment from : Jenn Lawson

Aegon Conqueror
Nice Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried - Trentvorty Generate Links Theorem (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one off product for making money with a clever roulette system without the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my close friend Aubrey got amazing results with it.
Comment from : Aegon Conqueror

Michael Johnson
Nice Video! Excuse me for chiming in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried - Trentvorty Generate Links Theorem (probably on Google)? It is a good exclusive product for making money with a clever roulette system without the headache. Ive heard some decent things about it and my cousin after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.
Comment from : Michael Johnson

She looks like from Dirty Dancing
Comment from : Laufield

Barry Rodriguez
The fact is most people in a casino are just hoping to win. The entertainment factor of being in the casino is the draw, for most of them. They don't want to kill the buzz by actually thinking and playing correctly, even when there is information online on how to play perfectly. Thank you for another great video!!!
By the way here's the best method for winning at blackjack without card counting: www.MootJack. xyz

Comment from : Barry Rodriguez

K Martinez
4:32 hahaha awesome, spit out my soda!!!
Comment from : K Martinez

I was Batman
4:32 !? What the heck was that now ? It showed boobies being grabbed ?......ooooookay now.
Comment from : I was Batman

Francisco Duran
She needs to make a porn video on baby
Comment from : Francisco Duran

Greg Berzinski
ironically my first time in Vegas, I walked away with 800 bucks from the Venetian playing a 6 to 5 blackjack table. Those free bets were a huge help.
Comment from : Greg Berzinski

Cat Goan
I'm lost
Comment from : Cat Goan

Nelson Holt
Never play intoxicated
Never play tired
Never take insurance
Never split 10s
Never play at a casino that allows dealer to hit soft 17 and only pays 6-5 on Blackjack
Never thank the dealer after he takes all your money 😂😂

Comment from : Nelson Holt

i thought a man was going to explain this not a lousy girl
Comment from : pshyeah1128

That was interesting.
I thought Jennifer Grey gave up acting after Dirty Dancing?
Comment from : That was interesting.

Waqas Lakhani
I wanted to learn Blackjack, but I cannot understand, everytime that what's going on in this game. Help me please.
Comment from : Waqas Lakhani

Enjoyed the video thanks.
Comment from : chocksaway100

4:32 you’re welcome

Evin Blanco
Who else here after the gta casino update
Comment from : Evin Blanco

Supa Mani
Here cause of red dead redemption
Comment from : Supa Mani

I thought this was gta FUCK
Comment from : Slashkillツ

Ziggy Doom
I've never seen a dealer smile as hard as her.
Comment from : Ziggy Doom

your company sucks


Comment from : your company sucks

Luto Veti
Is Heather single?
Comment from : Luto Veti

your company sucks
$4,500 snatched in 2 weeks from 3 casinos!! Great end to June!! Looking to take $7,000 in July!! Too bad you don’t know my strategy hahaha... keep grinding at your job.... LMFAO
Comment from : your company sucks

KimmieV69 Vinson
Comment from : KimmieV69 Vinson

Joshua Whitfield
That was not expected
Comment from : Joshua Whitfield

Comment from : TheSpykeeper

I would love to hit it from behind and bust on her face
Comment from : ArmedSquid37

What does "bet for the dealer" mean? and what do you mean by "tip the dealer". As in like give her a tip for dousing good job? What is push? This video sucks.
Comment from : shechshire

Corona light
Never take insurance
Comment from : Corona light

Jim Rondeau
Well I understand go fish at least
Comment from : Jim Rondeau

Gabriel Diaz
I’m learning this for rdr2...

I need friends

Comment from : Gabriel Diaz

Marybeth Domigan
Comment from : Marybeth Domigan

Dan O'Neill
Comment from : Dan O'Neill

Tom Taylor
I was in Harrah's LV for SB this past year (2019) and I could NOT believe what I saw.

As I was passing a few BJ tables on my way to the "Fulton St Bar" (where I hang out) I noticed one table that was FULL and the table paid 6/5 Odds on BJ !
while right next to it was a "REAL BJ" (well, not exactly, the dealer could still hit on soft 17, what a fukin joke!) table paying 3/2 odds and WAS EMPTY!

Obviously these were 1st timers who knew nothing about the game at all and to myself are morons and should not be gambling in the first place, but hey its not my $$$$ and casinos love these ignorant players/ tourist!

I ALSO CANNOT FIND A "REAL BJ TABLE", aka 3/2 odds AND dealer hits on 16, but stands on 17 in LV recently.

I have to try downtown maybe, anyone know where I can find these tables in LV ? THEY ARE SCARCE and casinos do this of course to up the house edge!

Comment from : Tom Taylor

Darren Conley
Heather you're an absolute babe!
Your video is awesome because you explain the game from the basics on up and you explain it where it's very easy to understand.. Excellent...

Comment from : Darren Conley

Suki Just Suki
is this Baby from Dirty Dancing
Comment from : Suki Just Suki

Stucker Children
I'm trying to make a simplified version for my siblings to play
Comment from : Stucker Children

Nicely done
Comment from : SandoTrini

Christian Timoteo
4:32 I spit my water out in lecture and now everyone's staring at me
Comment from : Christian Timoteo

JeNeSaisQuoi Jones
4:33 you're welcome.😉
Comment from : JeNeSaisQuoi Jones

can’t wait to play with my 6th grade friends just bought one can’t wait to get arrested.
Comment from : ImInTheGhettoRatata

Michael-john Brown
Insurance is a suckers bet you could play 2000 hands and only 250 of those hands if lucky are blackjack hands
Comment from : Michael-john Brown

Jay S
Bust a 🥜
Comment from : Jay S

cedar apffel
Good for you for overcoming your speech impediment.
Comment from : cedar apffel

Morga Hussain
Capitalistic society
Comment from : Morga Hussain

Heather is beautiful.
Comment from : Fredke

Ryan Scherbluk
There's no skill to this game it's all luck of the cards every casino game is luck
Comment from : Ryan Scherbluk

AslapOF Reality
It’s Ferris Buellers sister!
Comment from : AslapOF Reality

Joshua Bailey
Did you notice that is the same lady that was in front of the table tank top. I think the dealer had something to do with that scene good game ;-) ha ha haaa ha ho ho heeeeee
Comment from : Joshua Bailey

Lol @ the random titty grab.
Comment from : yota420

Jesus Roque
I think when four people are playing on a table they are playing against each other not the dealer
Comment from : Jesus Roque

Egalitarian Ethos
If I have a great idea to improve this game for the customers and give the casino better chances to win more money how would I get in touch with corporate ?
Comment from : Egalitarian Ethos

Hiei darkcharizard
Comment from : Hiei darkcharizard

Steven B
I keep hitting after I bust. She likes it like that.
Comment from : Steven B

Johnny Beretta
Looked like a soft 38 to me...just sayin'. I guess we were playing 41....
Comment from : Johnny Beretta

Popeye Martinez
I would bust all over her 😋
Comment from : Popeye Martinez

Victor Medici
She is pretty and a great video thanks!
Comment from : Victor Medici

This video is the breast! Errrr, I mean, the best!
Comment from : evancortez2

Kødak Black
Interesting 🤔 sound kinda easy to play but I still gotta learn sum more cause the numbers f🖕ing me up..Go to another video and see if it's a easier way ✌👌
Comment from : Kødak Black

Use to be a security officer at an MGM casino as of 10 days ago. Wasnt really a fan Im already not a people person and I had to heal with hundreds of people especially on fridays and saturdays. Working the entrances was a super pain in the ass just a never ending ocean of drunk people coming in with attitude problem a few of which would give you lip just for asking for ID. Glad to be out of there. I would always watch the table games and black jack looked interesting so since I don't work there anymore I can actually give it a try and be a player. Also never play slots those machines are programmed to only pay out 10% of their winnings not sure if its standard or just my casino but just saying its not worth it on those
Comment from : Phazelight

desmondjr johnston
Comment from : desmondjr johnston

Blind Shisui
Wow ur good to train me
Comment from : Blind Shisui

abby Caruso
That boob grab was n I c e
Comment from : abby Caruso

Ja Na
Show me a person walking into a casino and I will show you a loser.
Casinos should be illegal because it is a criminal and immoral to capitalize on people's mental issues and steal their money and steal their lives.

Comment from : Ja Na

low boon chai
Only 4D lottery shop - 1 2 3 prize big 2000 1000 500 1 2 3 prize small 4000 2000 1000 special 200 consolation 100 Up payment ,out cash . Maximum jackpot prize 1 million ,USD 2 .Wed ,Sat ,Sun after 7 pm draw .8am - 7pm open ,result machine fix . White house Harvard University
Comment from : low boon chai

Mominul Islam
is the bet365 good for the blackjack?
Comment from : Mominul Islam

the dealer is gorgeous
Comment from : gerald3637

kimberly gutierrez
Except in Vegas the cards come out of a big black machine, not a see threw case
Comment from : kimberly gutierrez

Smug Smugly
It's a bust, Las Vegas fun police, hand over your chips.
Comment from : Smug Smugly

Jesse Scott
The boob grab part was totally unexpected. LMAO
Comment from : Jesse Scott

The Universe Galaxy
Comment from : The Universe Galaxy

tosh rizzle
They make the game complicated. So many rules and betting options, the combination of tryin to remember all of those rules while being tipsy (because you took advantage of those free drinks ) is damn near impossible. Tipsy tourists mean easier to Trick into spending more money.
Comment from : tosh rizzle

I so love Blackjack. Best casino game ever.
Comment from : D A

Randy Flores
I can’t believe society tells you to tip the dealer too, everyone deserves a tip now
Comment from : Randy Flores

Looks like Jennifer Grey in Ferris Bulers day off
Comment from : Rod

Rdr2 anyone 😂
Comment from : ZoeZoe1804

The player will start the game are magic words. That means casino has 60-65% advantage in far end
Comment from : J

4:32 didn’t see that coming
Comment from : KickStartTV

William mize
Very helpful ...great job !!!
Comment from : William mize

Edward j j
EVERYBODY who don't play already is a winner Casino is absolutely scamming system The dealer's are trained to robbing good citizens
Comment from : Edward j j

OldManBusta ?
That tit grab was very

Comment from : OldManBusta ?

The woman is awesome
Comment from : Apricots

Diglett Texano
So if i get 18, 19, or 20 i must stay with that, or i can ask for another card???
Comment from : Diglett Texano

Chris Carter
Came to learn how to play Blackjack. Stayed because Heather Ferris is sexy. 🔥😍
Comment from : Chris Carter

Pablo Escobar
that Dealer she's looking cute ;)
Comment from : Pablo Escobar

Bigga Winna Crapsa
1:27, that three of hearts needs to take more vitamins. > I go into casinos all the time and when I see somebody sitting at a Blackjack table that pays 6/5 on Blackjack, I just laugh to myself. "But it's the only game in town." Then leave town.
Comment from : Bigga Winna Crapsa

Jeong Hong Ahn
한편 %~
Comment from : Jeong Hong Ahn

Play and win money for free yiggiy.com/JoinToday/E8K2H-FBS4E/
Comment from : MrPvdb

I think Heather is hot.
Comment from : oavirus

Rebal SGV
Is there a way to play Blackjack without the betting aspect?
Comment from : Rebal SGV

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