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red drib
Gambling with Louis Theroux = bummer of a lifetime
Comment from : red drib

Juan Fuentes
Comment from : Juan Fuentes

John Manci
Dealer will always win. I’ve done casino black jack at home and dealer cleans EVERYONE OUT every time. The reason is simple. We hit on 12+. That right there is like a 50% chance that you will bust. That’s what the casino wants you to do every time. Once you bust, it doesn’t even matter what the dealer has anymore. So follow this rule, DONT HIT if you have 12 or more. Just STAND and hope the dealer busts.
Comment from : John Manci

Rosie Cheeks
The guy losing is how ALL gamblers end up eventually..... Broke!
Comment from : Rosie Cheeks

Pj Marsden
You don't stop when you're winning man hahaha
Comment from : Pj Marsden

mark clutterbrook
What is it with the yanks and hi fives.theyd hi five the stop lights turning green
Comment from : mark clutterbrook

Stephen Driver
"well that's the chance,it's called gambling"😂😂
Comment from : Stephen Driver

John Schmidt
Look at the dealer they're playing with & then the one that the guy at 3:10 is playing with.. twin brothers or doppleganger? lol
Comment from : John Schmidt

how to enrol urself with the devil
Comment from : marcus

Hanan Alhaddad
Warning ,gambling is forbidden by god
Comment from : Hanan Alhaddad

I would never be soooo overwhelmed cause I know that I can loose in a row
Comment from : Chrispee75

Paul Simpson
How does the house always win at blackack when its random almost 50/50.
Ive lost count how many times ive had 16/17/18/19 and lost!!

Comment from : Paul Simpson

Arno Lourens
You don't stop when you're winning😂😆Ohh I heard that phrase a million times and guess what I always lost it all at the end
Comment from : Arno Lourens

keep up the Faith
It's possible
Comment from : keep up the Faith

Is he saying big or beg?
Comment from : paddy25c

Ophelia of the Ripples
Disgustingly sad. And we could all be in that situation.
Comment from : Ophelia of the Ripples

Todd Largo
Just learn the high-low system
Comment from : Todd Largo

This sums up BlackJack casino experience perfectly. 😭
Comment from : Hazelhurst

logan WM
The longer you play blackjack the more you lose that’s how the game operates find a new game
Comment from : logan WM

sam hamdan
free drinks??? they are the most expensive drinks you will ever buy........................
Comment from : sam hamdan

Laurens C
I've been taught that as soon as you walk through the casino door, every dollar you take in, is lost. Every dollar you walk out with, is profit.
Comment from : Laurens C

Moe Snert
I'm that guy who will leave the minute I profit 3-500. I'll leave my friends there and take the shuttle home with that money.
Comment from : Moe Snert

bret hart
You dont stop when your winning says the gambling addict. 20 min later guy who took his advise walks out broke.Lol
Comment from : bret hart

Jessie Arturo Thunder
Those guys are coked up
It's making my nose itch

Comment from : Jessie Arturo Thunder

Xselsius 777
You get free drinks in your Country and by us in Swiss you must pay for the drinks and give money out for playing.
Comment from : Xselsius 777

John O'brien
Why does the dealer always get the best cards it’s got to be fixed a total bent game
Comment from : John O'brien

Some One
which one is lou?
Comment from : Some One

stars superstar
5 lack pkg

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Comment from : stars superstar

stars superstar
Get the best offers and packages in Bellagio-Srilanka..
Comment from : stars superstar

Ajay Johal
you dont quit when youre winning. you quit when youre flat broke and walking the streets of vegas at 6am high and drunk with a miserable feeling of having depleted all of your finances in one night
Comment from : Ajay Johal

Steven Sullivan
Mark Wahlberg working for the casino haha
Comment from : Steven Sullivan

The casino feeds on the casual gamblers because more often than not than not, they lose. You only hear of the occasional win. People who study the gambling games (eg poker, blackjack, roulette etc) how to manufacture a win can win. For me, I’m a poker player. I’m not taking on the casino, I’m taking on other players. The casino just takes a rack, and understanding of the game, I know there’s potential. I have heard about blackjack (counting cards and other formulas) and roulette (different formulas there) where people have been successful, for me, it’s poker. There is skill in these events if you know where to look.
Comment from : ubs0

Coolhand Luke
You dont stop when you are winning casinos love these people
Comment from : Coolhand Luke

bob dales
I made 12 cents from 1 cent, I'm out.
Comment from : bob dales

For me, gambling is the worst addiction there is. You take everyone down with you. It's never ending.
Comment from : Alex

Jeff Roblow
Not a fan of blackjack. It's to much of a yo yo
Comment from : Jeff Roblow

James Hackney
“This city wasn’t built on winners you know” Louis Theroux
Comment from : James Hackney

Peter Selie
You know, even the carpets in casino's have their task. They are developped by groups of people to keep customers awake and lively.
Comment from : Peter Selie

Gambling is a mugs game.
Comment from : oldhippy

Doi Doi
Went to Vegas last year and made the decision to gamble $100 on a hand of Blackjack. Miraculously I got a Blackjack. Walked away instantly $150 profit, despite the fact that people were trying to talk me into gambling more. Never gambled again and never will.
Comment from : Doi Doi

That noise at 1.57 is one I make during poker!
Comment from : Tom

La Sombra Del LoBo
Haha, uses atm at a casino lmao, oh yea this guy is a newby.
Comment from : La Sombra Del LoBo

Are you ahead for the night ? I dont count my money LOL
Comment from : Fraser

James Philipson
You don’t quit when you’re winning? Haha isn’t that precisely the time to bail? I think the saying is “quit while you’re still ahead”
Comment from : James Philipson

Leo Bowman
"That's how you do it" 😂😂
Comment from : Leo Bowman

"we will be playing BJ" also known as the house has the edge! Run far...and fast!
Comment from : TheGolfster3

ManticOmar 11
Shameful an arab muslim the guy with gotee gambling is a big sin disgussting
Comment from : ManticOmar 11

Scott P
Anyone no what happend to these guys?
Louie needs to do a follow up show, I wanna no what happend to be ur high roller too

Comment from : Scott P

Dead Last
U play for the thrill and the casino take your money. That the rule
Comment from : Dead Last

Zone 6
Americans always call him Lewis

Comment from : Zone 6

The casino offers free drinks? Now why would a casino want to fill the people who enter their establishment with something that inhibits their rationality and leads to them making implusive decisions?
Comment from : Drunkrobot

my OCD was going off hard with the designs of that red blackjack table..for some reason i thought it was wrinkled
Comment from : jabroni

So idk if they do it differently at different casinos but where I’m from once you split aces you get one card and that’s it. So I’m pretty confused as to why at 0:46 there’s a hand that’s been split 2 times with aces
Comment from : maxx

Daniel Tadros
These men would have been better off investing their money instead of spending it at a casino. I have respect for money. Massachusetts has just opened casinos. People will be losing everything they have.
Comment from : Daniel Tadros

Ha, that guy that was losing was a cool guy, even though he was losing, his frustration was funny, would hang out with him just for a laugh
Comment from : angelfirepunk1

Pablo Pachino
John reminds me of someone out of a Tarantino movie.
Comment from : Pablo Pachino

Dewayn S
Ha...the look on that guys face from other table looking over at 3:10 when he gets his ass handed to him. Priceless
Comment from : Dewayn S

Gabe Clendenning
These guys are the biggest pseudo-hotshots I have ever seen. Puffed out chest and fancy lingo only to lose it all...
Comment from : Gabe Clendenning

David Schlessinger
When he wins - "Yeah! That's how you do it, man."
When he loses - "You've got to take the losses with the wins, dude."
Wins again - "That is how it's done."
Loses again - "It's a matter of chance, man."

Comment from : David Schlessinger

Jordan Matthew
gotta love the guy with the goatee chasing his money coked out of his mind hahaha
Comment from : Jordan Matthew

Hard Ball
You don't stop when you're winning man; you stop when you lost everything! Ooh well the next part of that sentence is my own.
Comment from : Hard Ball

Joe Cashmore
Adverts on the BBC naughty
Comment from : Joe Cashmore

Reid Dylans
High rollers on hit soft 17??
Comment from : Reid Dylans

dingaaa 36
Up your bet after you win that when you lose that's looser talk
Comment from : dingaaa 36

dingaaa 36
Gambling is evil
Comment from : dingaaa 36

The OG Dominic
The goatee guy is a GTA character
Comment from : The OG Dominic

Сука Блят Certified Russian bot Nr. 820715
I never go to a casino thinking I'm going to win. A few hours of fun and a few drinks, maybe a cheeky kiss or two from a hotie it's all good even if I lose. Just never try to claw back your loses with trips to the ATM or lines of house credit. Set a limit and withdraw that cash before you arrive.
Comment from : Сука Блят Certified Russian bot Nr. 820715

0:48 guy does coke
Comment from : Jesse

Fuzzy Butkus
To many little table rules in blackjack can’t double down on this can’t split this.Screw it.
Comment from : Fuzzy Butkus

Chakra Flo
man that’s a good gambler he got $60 and said he should stop now. people need to be like this
Comment from : Chakra Flo

"You don't stop when you're winning" Some of the dumbest advice you give to a person when they're gambling.
Comment from : Ice

Kerri Johnstone
This guys is such a WIMP and a whiner
Comment from : Kerri Johnstone

Abz 3000
“This guy is just as sick as we are” 😂😂
Comment from : Abz 3000

Having been a dealer myself, very few dealers know perfect Basic Strategy and probably < 1% of players know it - DO NOT play Blackjack without knowing Basic Strategy for the particular table rules. For example, on a 6-deck table which pays blackjacks 3:2 where dealer hits on soft 17, you can slice the house edge down to approximately 0.64% - Card counting can reverse this and actually increase the player's edge by approximately 0.5% per increase in the True Count - I highly recommend Blackjack Apprenticeship YouTube channel for anyone seriously wanting to play without getting their asses handed to them by the casino.

Just because people buy in for a lot of money, doesn't mean they know how to play - Learned that on my first day as a dealer. Pure stupidity to come to a casino game and not know the odds or strategies.

Comment from : DuaLeaD

Americans are so literal. 'We should stop now' they actually believe him. Theroux is great at acting the idiot, that's how he gets the best out of the people he interviews.
Comment from : TheGodEmperorofMankind

Martin Lapunov
at 1:13 did he just said he wouldn't double down against 2 ???
Comment from : Martin Lapunov

Sara Herrera
Anyone have any idea what happened to the full video? I had it saved in my archives, but now it’s gone
Comment from : Sara Herrera

Justin Vardy
They build casinos. On people winning
Comment from : Justin Vardy

The Nightmare
3:10 - Lol, that guys out to kill someone.
Comment from : The Nightmare

Trapped Artist
I think they just started another gambling addiction lmao 😂
Comment from : Trapped Artist

vodcc44 6
Any update on the mexican guy? 😂😂😂
It can't be good.

Comment from : vodcc44 6

Ryan Weston
I like at the end, the camera guy panned over to the grumpy loser that left the table and had a really pissy look on his face. 😂
Comment from : Ryan Weston

3:10 his expression is golden
Comment from : dewert2

Neil Hartley
Louis stop acting dude.
Comment from : Neil Hartley

Smug Smugly
Christ almighty, it's like I'm sittin here playing cards with my brother's kids or somethin.
Comment from : Smug Smugly

Изабелла Романова
Have you tried that site? G E T C A S I N O . T K ( without spaces) They giving away 2000 eur and 200 spins
Comment from : Изабелла Романова

The guy with the loud shirt is a moron. You don't push bets while playing Blackjack. You alternate between bigger bets and smaller bets. Pushing your bets in Blackjack is just asking to lose big.
Comment from : teamhex

Haha, watching gamblers lose their money is hilarious.
Comment from : CDXX

ManVs Fish
I go to casinos because of the adult atmosphere. I like the smoke, the drink the games, the lights all the action.
Just have a little self control that’s all .

Comment from : ManVs Fish

Mario Scevko
The bizarre thing is I can’t tell if these gamblers are serious when they give Louis positive advise on gambling. I think they seriously believe that gambling is a good thing.
Comment from : Mario Scevko

Josh Norris Little
Americans are so cringey😂
Comment from : Josh Norris Little

Comment from : BIGDAZR

The guy looks like favreau in swingers hahaha
Comment from : jeebs621

those are good friends
Comment from : gatsby79

Irene Dedic
Love you lewie
Comment from : Irene Dedic

Scott Stir
The guy has the Vegas style of Ricky’s shirt, Las Vegas trailer park boys
Comment from : Scott Stir

The Tick
Winning streak. Bet more. Lol amateur.
Comment from : The Tick

How the hell are they allowed to film?
Comment from : 187Clemens

Jason Drake
wheres the full doc? lame
Comment from : Jason Drake

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